Waters for Whisky

Most Spirits are enjoyed with a mixer and for many, whisky is no exception.

Whisky is a complex spirit with a wonderful array of aromas and flavours which is why experts recommend opening up a dram with nothing more than a dash of pure spring water.


The Drop That Makes The Dram

Adding water removes the alcohol prickle and releases more aromas and flavours for greater appreciation.

Waters with different chemistries will reveal different aromas and flavours in the same whisky which is one reason why experts suggest that its best to add the water that made the whisky or water from the same source as the whisky.

Uisge Source waters come from specially selected private springs close to the leading distilleries in each of the main Scotch whisky regions.

The chemistry of Uisge Source waters matches the chemistry of the waters used in whisky distillation in each region to make the ideal complement for your dram.

Uisge Source Waters for Whisky

The Drop That Makes The Dram